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The global aesthetic lasers and energy devices market is being propelled forward by increased understanding of medical aesthetics, advancements in the field of aesthetic devices, and an increase in obesity around the world. On the other hand, the high cost of these treatments is a major impediment to the market for cosmetic lasers and energy items. In addition, increasing disposable incomes and a growing trend of body modification in developing countries like India and China are expected to create lucrative market growth opportunities in the near future. Routine health care services have been suspended as a result of health care resources being prioritized to treat COVID-19 patients, adversely affecting the aesthetic lasers and energy devices market. In recent years, the cosmetics industry has discovered new bioactive and high-potency ingredients that provide visible skin benefits to consumers. Various technical advancements in the aesthetic industry, increased disposable income, and increased awareness about skin rejuvenation and beauty are the major factors driving demand for aesthetic procedures in developed and emerging markets.

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